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RM Rail has certified new rail flat cars

RM Rail has certified two new rail flat car models, 13-1258 and 13-1258-01.

Flat car model 13-1258 is suitable for transportation of wheeled and heavy crawler vehicles, steel structures, large-tonnage containers, tank containers for dangerous goods of up to 36 tonnes gross weight, as well as loose, bulk and timber cargoes that do not require protection from atmospheric precipitation. Instead of conventional rolled sections, the welded carrier beams are used in flat car frame, which reduces tare weight by 21 tonnes and increases load capacity to 72 tonnes. The flat car is equipped with brackets for installation of timber racks and additional tying braces on top of the side beams. The design allows an optimal arrangement of cargoes: 45 tonnes - in the middle of the car at a length of 3 m, 62 tonnes - in the middle of the car at a length of 4.3 m (this is the best measure in the flat car line). The flat car can be operated with open side walls.

Unlike its counterparts, improved 13-1258-01 model flat car for transportation of large-tonnage containers allows to transport up to 36 t gross weight containers of the following types - 1 EEE, 1ЕЕ, 1ААА, 1АА, 1А, 1АХ, 1ВВВ, 1ВВ, 1В, 1BX, 1SS, 1C, 1CX, 1DD, 1D, 1DX. The design includes four stationary and twelve hinged corner fittings, as well as tying braces securely fixing the load. Т3 class shock absorbing device provides transportation of tank containers for dangerous goods.

Service life of both flat car models is 32 years.

Vyacheslav Mishin, Managing Director, RM Rail Engineering:

- Our engineering developments are oriented on solving customer specific business tasks and ensure the maximum running efficiency of each model. Enhanced functionality is a distinctive feature of RM Rail general purpose flat car versus its counterparts. Additional reinforcement makes the design safer, and the use of retractable fittings ensures convenient and reliable cargo stowage on the rail flat car.

03/30/2017 All news