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RM Rail has certified a hopper car for transportation of cement

RM Rail, a leading freight rolling stock manufacturer in Russia, has certified  model 19-1272 hopper car for transportation of cement and other loose cargoes.

RM Rail has certified a cement hopper that replaced model 19-1217 cement hopper car put into production back in 2005. A new car cubic capacity has been increased to 72 cubic meters, which is the maximum value for this kind of rolling stock. Its load capacity was increased by one ton, it amounts to 74 tons, and, accordingly, the tare weight is one ton less. Improved usability significantly reduces the rail car life cycle cost.

Design solutions used enabled to stay within the same loading gauge. The new cement hopper model lock and seal device is designed in such a way that one device for loading hatches is sufficient; flat sheathing of side and end walls, which prevents sticking of cargo during unloading, was retained.

Based on positive results of life tests and appropriate expert evaluations, the assigned lifetime of the rail car has been increased to 32 years, which is unique among other competition models in cement hopper segment, for counterparts this number does not exceed 26 years. The hopper received Certificate of Conformity with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 001 “Safety of railway rolling stock”.

Sergey Drobzhev, RM Rail First Deputy General Director:

- Model 19-1272 cement hopper car is an optimal bid offering reliability, safety and extremely long operation on the railway network. The rail car performance includes increased load capacity and extended service life. Customers will be able to use the cement hopper for six surplus years making significant savings on railcar fleet renewal. The model is cost-competitive, awaited by the market, and, we hope, will be duly appreciated by potential users.

07/06/2022 All news