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RM Rail extended the list of goods transported by cement hopper-car and tank car for LHCG

RM Rail extended the list of transportable goods for two rail car models – cement hopper car (19-1217) and tank car for liquified hydrocarbon gases (15-1200, -01, -02).

RM Rail extended the list of transportable goods for two rail car models. Cement hopper car (model 19-1217) now among other goods can transport alumina. The list of goods allowed for transportation by LHCG tank cars (model 15-1200, -01, -02), was enriched by 19 items, including unstable gasoline, butane, butylene, propane.

Hopper car, model 19-1217 features unique design of body and optimum balance of load capacity and volume. The teardrop shape increases the body's useful volume to 95%. The internal smooth walls prevent the adhesion of the load, which greatly speeds up the unloading process.  Hopper load capacity is 73 t, tare weight – 19.4/21 t, body volume – 60 cub.m, axle load – 23.5 ton force, service life is 26 years.

Tank car for transportation of LHCG has load capacity of 40.8 t, tare weight – 36.5/38.7 cub.m., axle load – 23.5 tnf, service life – 40 years.  

Alexander Kulikov, Chief Sales Officer, RM Rail:

- The main task of the designers of RM Rail is to find engineering solutions that make it possible to use the rolling stock as efficiently as possible. Expansion of the list of goods meets the expectations of consumers, as it increases the versatility of our rail cars and makes their operation more profitable.

02/05/2018 All news