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RM Rail Company has re-certified the car for UFC and liquid nitrogen fertilizers

RM Rail Company informs about renewal of certificate for urea-formaldehyde concentrate and liquid nitrogen fertilizers tank car (model 15-1232-03).

Federal Railway Transport Certification Register (FRT CR) has renewed the certificate for tank car of RM Rail Ruzhimmash for transportation of urea-formaldehyde concentrate and liquid nitrogen fertilizers (model 15-1232-03).

The model is one of a kind in Russia. It is equipped with heating steam jacket, maintaining required temperature of the cargo, and shadow protection, simultaneously preventing the product from overheating under sunlight. Currently, RM Rail Engineering center is working on extension of the cargo nomenclature for the car. The renewed list is expected to include acetic acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, urea-formaldehyde resins, formalin and other products of chemical industry.

The remarkable feature of the car substructure is an increased-strength side frame. It is designed on the basis of so-called double reinforcement principle. It is achieved by introduction of internal bridging ribs in pedestal jaw and R-40 of lower flange box section areas. The vacuum casting technology of RM Rail VKM-Steel casting factory allows obtaining dense radius in the most critical part of the frame working under extensive loads.

Tank carrying capacity — 66.4 t, tare weight, min/max — 26.5/27.6 t, full vessel volume — 53.5 cubic m, outline dimensions GOST 9238-83 — 02-VM.

Aleksandr Kulikov, RM Rail sales director:

- Consumer properties of the model correspond with the requirements of the largest chemical holdings of Russia and CIS. Further extension of the list of allowed cargoes makes it more universal and attractive for our customers.

01/26/2016 All news