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RM Rail certifies rail car for carbon black transportation

RM Rail, the leading Russian freight rolling stock manufacturer, has had its successful start in the new year: a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU) for the model 25-1236 rail car for carbon black transportation with weather protection has been obtained.

Load capacity of this model is 67 t (+7 t compared with similar models), its body capacity is minimum 150 cubic m (+3 cubic m), and its service life is 32 years.
The rail car has 12 loading and 8 unloading hatches. The unloading mechanism has rotary disc gates. The product is unloaded into interrail space. Overall dimensions of the loading and unloading hatches and their location on the rail car are unified with the design of the hatches on the previous models of the rail cars for carbon black and do not require any reconfiguration of the existing infrastructure.

Carbon black (highly dispersed amorphous carbon produced at industrial scale) is a completely new product for RM Rail, which the rolling stock model has been created for. The hopper was ordered by a producer of the raw materials planning to increase its own fleet with the rail cars with an increased body and load capacity.

Aleksandr Kulikov, Deputy CEO for Sales at RM Rail, says that
"As usual, we pay special attention to the development of the rolling stock model range in cooperation with our strategic partners. The project to design and build the rail car for carbon black is a successful example of such interaction. The professionals in our Engineering Center have implemented all the wishes of the customer and have created a reliable rail car efficient in its operation and with the best technical specifications. There are no analogues of this model in Russia."

01/09/2023 All news