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RM Rail certifies an increased carrying capacity box car

RM Rail has certified the box car model 11-1268. The certificate ascertains the compliance with the Custom Union Technical Regulation requirements and authorizes serial production of the rolling stock for a five-year period.

The box car was presented by RM Rail at the 1520 track gauge International Railway Salon as part of the PRO//Motion.Expo 2019 trade fair, in late 2019 it was certified. Now pre-production is underway, and serial production will begin in March.

The box car is intended for transportation of unit, palletized, loose and liquid bulk cargoes in transport packaging, as well as cargoes requiring weather protection. Designers have brought its carrying capacity and floor space to maximum values, 68 tons and 52.8 square meters, respectively. Thus, full body volume is usable when loading.

The box car features an extended door opening which makes it loadable with a forklift. Side walls are equipped with ventilation hatches that can be used as loading hatches. The box car body design prevents direct ingress of moisture into the car. The rail car’s axle load is 23.5 tf, its service life is 32 years.

Alexander Kulikov, RM Rail Deputy General Director, Sales:

- We present a model suitable for transportation of a wide variety of goods in transport packages. Its maximum capacity is 42 europallets - the largest number over the 1520 track gauge space. This, as well as other design improvements, helped us to make operation of the box car model the most profitable among its counterparts of a classic 23.5 tf axle load.

01/17/2020 All news