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RM Rail Certified the First Russian Car for Coal Pitch Transportation

RM Rail has received a certificate of compliance for a railway car for the transportation of coal tar pitch.

RM Rail obtained a certificate for a railway car to transport coal pitch (model 15-1257). The certifying document was issued to Ruzkhimmash by the Certification Registry for the Federal Railway Transport (RS FZhT).

This is a completely new model in the innovative rolling stock market. It has seamless boiler insulation, temperature monitoring of load heating, quick connection/disconnection of steam hoses and metal drain hoses. The capacity was increased to 70 tonnes, the effective volume to 56.8 cubic meters, and the tare weight to 30.5 tonnes.

The car is based on the bogie with a 25 tonne axle load (18-194-1) made by NPK Uralvagonzavod , which is designed for new generation rolling stock. The run between model overhauls is up to 500,000 km, and another feature of the car is lower impact on the railway track.

Andrey Vodopyanov, the Director of Business Development at RM Rail, comments:

"We managed to create a specialized premium product that will be of interest to all metallurgy companies for the purpose of transportation of such demanding cargo as pitch. We took into account the experience of operation and maintenance of such models and have provided everything that the customer expects and all the features that contribute to the solution of the customer’s tasks in terms of economy, functionality and reliability."

12/17/2015 All news