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RM Rail automobile carrier has received the certificate of conformity of the Customs Union

RM Rail has certified enclosed auto rack car (model 11-1291) for compliance with the Custom Union Technical Regulation requirements.

RM Rail auto carrier (model 11-1291) has received certificate of compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union. The document is issued by the Railway Equipment Registry for a period of 5 years.

This auto carrier model holds 16 class A light motor vehicles and is suitable for transportation of 1 940 mm max. height and 3.2 t max. weight motor vehicles on the first tier, and 1710 mm max. height and 2.25 t max. weight motor vehicles on the second tier. Removable tier allows transportation of vans. The cargo is protected by enclosed vandal-proof body. The auto rack car load capacity is  25 tons, tare weight - 46 tons, loading length - 25 340 mm (versus 23 380 mm with competitor’s product), loading gauge 1-T.

Alexander Kulikov, RM Rail Sales Director:

- Today, the RM Rail auto carrier is the best in class. Capability to transport not only light motor vehicles but also vans makes the car multi-purpose and significantly improves its cost-effectiveness. The model is in serial production for several years by now, and succeeded to get an excellent track record. We hope that the interest in this product will grow in Russia as well as overseas - our designers are willing to adapt the model for a different track gauge, too.

10/18/2016 All news