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RM Rail and EuroChem signed a memorandum on cooperation

The company RM Rail reports that at the business forum "Strategic Partnership 1520" in Sochi they have signed a memorandum of cooperation with EuroChem JSC.
RM Rail and EuroChem JSC signed a memorandum of cooperation in the sphere of railway equipment supply. According to the document, the parties plan to thoroughly determine the prospects for the supply of tank containers for transportation of chemical goods, and also the supply of innovative products - hopper cars with a body made of aluminium alloys for transportation of mineral fertilizers (model 19-1244).
Experimental models of the new RM Rail hopper have already earned high praise from leading Russian experts.
Model 19-1244 is the only one of its kind on the CIS market. The capacity has been increased up to 79 tonnes - the largest size among fertilizer carriers, the body volume has been increased to 109 cubic meters. Thanks to the lightweight materials used in this model, an optimum balance has been reached between these characteristics. The effectiveness of the hopper is also determined by the resistance of the body to an aggressive environment and lack of pockets and sharp corners, which prevents cargo caking and hang.
In 2015 the parties agreed to work out in detail the technical and financial terms for future cooperation, the final decision on the volume of deliveries will be made in 2016.
Pavel Ovchinnikov, General Director of RM Rail:
- This agreement shows our mutual interest in establishing long-term cooperation and our willingness to provide the consistent delivery of innovative products to our partners. I am glad that it is EuroChem who will begin to use our innovative hopper on the network. This is a serious and reputable partner, whose professional opinion is the best recommendation for the carriers of fertilizers.

06/04/2015 All news