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RM Rail Abakanvagonmash launches a massive recruitment of staff

JSC RM Rail Abakanvagonmash (part of the structure of the company RM Rail, the largest manufacturer of rolling stock in Russia), is launching massive recruitment of blue-collar workers. The staff should ensure the growing production volumes. This topic became the main one in the framework of the meeting of the President of JSC RM Rail Holding Konstantin Danilov and the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Khakassia, Vladimir Chebodaev. The event was also attended by the Managing Director of RM Rail Abakanvagonmash Vasily Miroshin.

RM Rail Abakanvagonmash currently employs 530 people. The company plans to employ about 200 more people by the end of the year. We are talking about the main working professions - welders, painters, assembly fitters, crane operators, quality control inspectors, repairmen, etc. These can be not only experienced specialists, but also young people with secondary technical education: additional training is organized at the plant. The average salary is 45-55 thousand rubles.

The recruitment of personnel should ensure the growing production volumes. The plant has received orders for the manufacture of general-purpose and specialized models of containers, is increasing the production of block modules, and is developing new products and services. The strategic goal is to produce 8 thousand containers and 5 thousand modules per year. Since 2022, the company enters the freight car repair market.

Konstantin Danilov, President of RM Rail Holding:

- This is not just a recruitment of personnel to carry out specific projects, but the formation of a personnel reserve at the company. It is especially important to cover the need with local specialists and to attract those who left the region. In this issue, of course, we hope for the help of the leadership of Khakassia.

Vladimir Chebodaev, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Khakassia:

- Certainly, I see prospects in our cooperation. We are interested in creating new jobs. The employed population of Abakan and the republic should increase. We are ready for active cooperation and support for further movement in the same direction.

08/04/2021 All news