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RM Rail Abakanvagonmash improve their 1AAA general purpose container

RM Rail Abakanvagonmash, a part of RM Rail, has recertified 1AAA size 40ft general purpose container by improving its usability. The improvement was attested in appropriate statement of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

RM Rail Abakanvagonmash engineers have modified a number of structural components which helped to achieve maximum usability in loading and unloading. In addition, the container has gained higher usable volume and better maintainability. The model addresses potential customer preferences.

Maximum gross weight – 30480 kg, internal volume – 75.8 m3; internal dimensions: length – 12027 mm, width - 2342 mm, height – 2685 mm; door opening dimensions: width – 2318 mm, height – 2572 mm. The container meets the requirements of international ISO, national GOST and other standards.

Vasily Miroshin, RM Rail Abakanvagonmash General Director:

- We present an upgraded product of a general purpose container line with competitive technical and operational characteristics. It is not just a user-oriented product, but the best offer among its counterparts in the domestic market.

11/12/2020 All news