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RM Rail Abakanvagonmash certified a special purpose container for bulk and packaged cargoes

RM Rail Abakanvagonmash (part of RM Rail, a leading manufacturer of freight rolling stock in Russia) has certified a special purpose freight container, type 1ССС PW. The appropriate certificate was issued to the enterprise by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The container is intended for transportation of both packaged cargoes and loose cargoes in bulk. Loose cargoes are unloaded through the end hatch and loaded through the top loading hatches of the container. Loading/unloading of packaged cargoes is made through the end doors. The container design features increased capacity. The container volume is 37.6 cubic meters, its gross weight is 36 tons.

The design was based on technical assignment from one of the customers. In the near future, the buyer will receive the first batch of containers for trial operation. Upon its completion, it is planned to conclude a contract for serial supply.

Alexander Kulikov, General Director of Trading House RM Rail:

- Given the increasing containerization of cargoes and the growth of container traffic, we present a new model presuming transportation of a wide range of cargoes. In all cases, transportation provides utmost convenience and integrity. This is confirmed by the Maritime Register certificate and the choice of our customers. RM Rail Abakanvagonmash is ready for massive demand for these products.

02/17/2022 All news