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Results of RM Rail 2016 Q1 performance were summarized in Mordovia

The Head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov has held a working meeting with RM Rail lead team where results of the holding businesses performance in the 1st quarter of this year and future plans were discussed.

RM Rail General Director Pavel Ovchinnikov has advised the Head of the region of the first quarter of 2016 performance, noting year-over-year growth of production volumes on all items. Production of rail cars amounted to 447 units (vs.159 units in 2015 Q1), large railway castings – to 692 sets (vs. 165 sets in 2015 Q1).

The company has expanded the range of certified rail car models up to 67, pursuing the policy of development and production of rail cars with improved performance characteristics such as grain hopper with increased cubic capacity 127 m3, tank car for transportation of coal tar pitch, hopper car with aluminum alloy body for transportation of mineral fertilizers, and a number of others.

04/30/2016 All news