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Representatives of RM Rail and Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works talk about expansion of cooperation

Acting Chairman of the Government of Mordovia Vladimir Sidorov held a working meeting with representatives of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (PJSC MMK) and RM Rail, a leading manufacturer of freight rolling stock in Russia.

At the meeting, the parties talked about expansion of cooperation between the companies and stable supply of RM Rail enterprises with rolled steel products.

Acting Chairman of the Government of Mordovia Vladimir Sidorov noted that RM Rail plays a valuable role in the Republic’s economy:

- RM Rail is a hallmark of Mordovia’s industrial sector. It accounts for 35% of the products manufactured in the region.

MMK is a strategic partner of RM Rail. In 2020, the Steel Works supplied the company with full volume of rolled products required to fulfill production plan. The current contract provides for uninterrupted supply of Ruzkhimmash, a backbone enterprise of the Republic of Mordovia and one of the leaders in the domestic machine building industry. Interaction of the parties within the framework of this agreement became the main topic of the meeting.

Sergey Ushakov, PJSC MMK Deputy General Director, Sales:

- We are very pleased with the opportunity to visit the key production sites of our strategic partners in Mordovia. The exchange of views and up-to-date information that took place will enable MMK to provide our customers with even better service and respond even quicker to the growing requests of partners working in such metal- and science-intensive industrial segment.

Attendees of the meeting also discussed issues of quality and expansion of cooperation in the field of research and production activities. In particular, they talked about developing new steel grades that would open RM Rail the way to master the production of a raft of high-tech rail car models.

Konstantin Danilov, President of RM Rail Holding JSC:

– It’s nice that the colleagues accepted the invitation and witnessed how MMK’s product is used in the manufacture of our rail cars and petrochemical equipment and obtains its finished shape before getting into consumer’s hands. It turned out to be a good, clear dialogue. We are aware how important rhythmic work is for the implementation of our projects, and at the same time we hope that our cooperation will not be limited just to production supplies but will translate into joint creative research and engineering activities.

In addition, during the visit, representatives of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works had an overview of Ruzkhimmash production capabilities.

06/02/2021 All news