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Minister of Economic Development of Russia and Interim Head of Mordovia visit Ruzkhimmash

Minister of Economic Development of Russia and Interim Head of Mordovia visit Ruzkhimmash

Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Reshetnikov arrived in Mordovia on a working trip. Together with Interim Head of Mordovia Artem Zdunov, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development visited Ruzkhimmash plant, which is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of freight rolling stock as also equipment for petrochemical and natural gas processing industries. The enterprise employs over 3200 people.

RM Rail General Director Vitaly Starikov and Ruzkhimmash Managing Director Valery Larin told the guests about production capabilities of the enterprise. “Today Ruzkhimmash is in the TOP-5 enterprises in Russia with a market share of 18.6%. Its product line includes over 80 models of rolling stock. Many of them are novel products in Russia and CIS and are distinguished by increased load capacity, longer service life, extended list of transported goods. The maximum output capacity of the enterprise is 12 thousand rail cars a year,” he noted.

RM Rail strategic development program, covering Ruzkhimmash as its part, includes a project for construction of a cryogenic equipment plant. Already in 2022, they will start manufacturing tank containers for transportation of hydrogen and LNG on new dedicated lines.

Massive hiring is underway. This spring the so-called Knowledge and Skills Factory was opened at the enterprise. This multidisciplinary training center provides employees with professional and developmental training; now there are 14 areas of training here - they are intended not only for the newcomers, but also for specialists transferred from one structural unit into another. Educational modules for managers are also available. The Knowledge and Skills Factory plans to train annually 1.5-2 thousand employees, saving 30% of the time compared to conventional training format. It is important that owing to implementation of this project we have created our own corporate institute of blue-collar occupations, which not only covers the company’s internal needs for subject matter experts, but also forms a talent pipeline for the entire machine building industry in Russia.

Maxim Reshetnikov and Artem Zdunov observed how the training is arranged - it takes place on special training simulators under the guidance of the most experienced mentors, the training facilities ensure detailed fine-tuning of all skills required for working on the shop floor.

09/05/2021 All news