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Company "RM Rail" presented at the exhibition "EXPO 1520" Innovative car from aluminum alloys

"RM Rail" in the framework of the V International Rail Salon "EXPO 1520" presented a prototype of the first Russian hopper car made of aluminum alloy, which is used for transportation mineral fertilizers.

At the railway exhibition "EXPO 1520" (September 2-5, Moscow), the company "RM Rail" presented a prototype hopper car with a body made of aluminum alloys.

The author of the artistic design model became ethnofuturists Dyrin Yuri, who used the traditional Mordovian mythology images. They express the connection with the movement, knowledge, rational principle, energy and highlight the uniqueness of technical inventions.

The car was developed in conjunction with companies "Rusal" and "Alcoa Russia" and is designed for transportation of fertilizers. Its load capacity is increased to 79 tons, the volume of the body brought to 109 cubic meters. m - through the use of lightweight materials between these characteristics reach optimum balance, whereby savings in the transportation of one ton of freight an average of up to 10% of the costs.

1565ch unique alloy used in the automotive industry as a special high-tech raw materials for light armored fighting vehicles. Due to resistance to aggressive environments it is possible to transport fertilizer, soda ash, cement and more than 50 other types of products.
The design involves the use of innovative trucks with 25 ton load of its own production, as well as analogues of other manufacturers.
The novelty has already assessed the main suppliers of mineral fertilizers "Uralkali", "Phos-Agro", "EuroChem", Russia's largest railway operator "Freight One" and others.

In June of this year, "the RM Rail" concluded with "MCC" EuroChem "memorandum of cooperation provides for the delivery hopper cars with a body made of aluminum alloys. In addition, the project is open to "TransOil" which opens research and development work on the creation of tank-wagons made of aluminum alloys. Buyer need tentatively estimated at 2000-3000 units of rolling stock.

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