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КЦХН 21 TYPES UN Т-11 for transportation of liquid dangerous goods

  • Steam heating jacket option is available
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Maximum gross weight, kg 36000
Tare weight, kg, max 4415
Maximum load capacity kg, max 31585
Barrel inside diameter, mm 2200
Total barrel capacity, m3 21
Maximum allowable operating pressure, MPa 0,4
Allowable stack weight of top containers, kg 192000
Nominal wall thickness of tank barrel, mm 6
Tank material 08Х18Н10Т 
Operational temperature range, C From minus 50 to plus 50  

Corrosion resistant model: made of stainless steel.

Unfilled volume of the tank depends on the cargo and should be at least 2.5% of the total capacity at 50°C.

Suitable for transportation of over 670 types of cargo, including flammable liquids, oxidizers, corrosive, toxic and other dangerous substances

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