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ГКЦ 25.18 tank container for storage and transportation of LPG by rail, water and motor transport

Maximum gross weight, kg 24000
Tare weight, kg, max 6750
Maximum load capacity kg, max 17250
Tank inside diameter, mm 2390
Total container tank capacity, m3 25
Type of container 1CC
Maximum allowable operating pressure, MPa 1,8
Allowable stack weight of top containers, kg 192000
Nominal wall thickness of tank barrel, mm 12
Tank material 10Г2ФБ ТУ14-105-729-2003
Operational temperature range, C -40° to +55°
Service life, years 20

Transportation of cargoes with partial tank fullness.

Loading and unloading at any gas-filling stations through the top or bottom fill/drain.

Wide range of transported cargoes including

liquefied petroleum and hydrocarbon gases.

The use of high-strength steel has reduced container weight and increased load capacity.

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