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RM Rail Sanctions Compliance Policy

RM Rail has an updated Sanctions Compliance Policy effective as of October 31, 2022, which provides for the organization of an internal control system aimed at observing the restrictions associated with the sanctions applied by other states and supranational organizations, including the UN, EU, USA, etc.

Our priorities are:

  • sustainable and successful development of the company under sanctions;

  • compliance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and international legal regulations and documents of the company.

Our objectives are:

  • to ensure that the company's activities comply with the sanctions regulations;

  • to identify any risks and incidents associated with the violation of the sanctions regulations;

  • to monitor the compliance of the company's activities with the sanctions regulations;

  • to prevent any risks associated with the sanctions.

Key Points

We reserve the right to restrict interaction with sanctioned persons, as well as companies in which the sanctioned person owns 50% or more of the shares/participatory interest; managed or controlled by such a person; or acting for the benefit of such a person.

We are not liable for the actions of any persons who have violated the Policy, or the failure to negotiate, or termination of contracts due to any actions contrary to the Policy.

We make the Policy publicly available so that anyone can read its terms and conditions and make all reasonable efforts to avoid any negative risks.

RM Rail Sanctions Compliance Policy