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We focus on the clients

The ability to meet the individual requirements of clients is our strength. We want to keep and enhance this competence. For this very reason, our customers, including foreign ones, entrust us with the most nonstandard developments. The partnership we have with customers enriches us and raises the level of our engineering developments.

We aspire to be mobile, to react to the current demands of the market, and to think proactively. The developments portfolio is formed with the active participation of consumers and taking into account the benchmarking—the best practices in the industry.

Currently, the technical improvements, which cut the cost of our cars exploitation and increase their efficiency, are of primary importance for our clients.

Literally, each model contains many such solutions: they speed up the loading and unloading or make the cars stronger, enhance the cargo safety or cost-efficiency in the temperature control.

We take care of the convenience of those who will use our cars. 

With the production of the truck RM Rail Dual Amplification the assuredness of clients in the reliability of our products has grown even bigger.
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