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Vertical steel welded tank with fixed roof and pontoon VSWT FrP

Pre-rolled plate assembly enables to provide high quality welds and is used for small and medium volume tanks (from 100 to 10,000 m3) with over 18 mm bottom shell course thickness. Rolled shell plates, tank bottom centre and framed roof are manufactured right at the plant. Most of the welds are performed at the plant with proper quality control: whereas the structures are construction-sized, we use precision machining tolerances as standard (10 mm total deviation on 40 m diameter). Enlarged steel structures are delivered to the customer in sets for subsequent installation. Thus, on-site tank installation time is reduced. This is a meaningful advantage for working in regions where warm season is short. VST production areas are located on the site of Ruzchimmash, the largest Russian railcar manufacturer, which provides additional opportunities of using the plant’s production facilities, ensures efficient product delivery logistics to any region of the country.

Plate-by-plate assembly enables to provide the most accurate shape for large volume tanks (from 10,000 m3, 4.5 to 65 meters or more in diameter) with over 18 mm bottom shell course thickness.

Plate-by-plate assembly means that the tank is made of separate plates, and all shell and bottom plates are welded on site. Our company implements multi-level quality control.

We arrange steel structures in assembly sets with dimensions suitable for transportation to the construction site. Production is located in Ruzaevka - one of the largest railway junctions of the Volga Region, which ensures effective delivery of the equipment to any part of the country.

Tank installation is performed on the customer’s site.

To provide efficient operation, various application tanks are equipped with accessories, such as:

- manholes (shell and roof)

- fittings for connecting external piping and instrumentation

- valves or vent pipes for VST daily breathing

- ground mounting

- equipment for product heating and reducing heat loss

- fire extinguishing, spraying and lightning protection systems

- internal distribution and overflow devices

- equipment for sediment agitation, collection and safe disposal of tank bottom water

- access ladders and platforms


Detail design is made by RM Rail VST engineering group in a unified PDM system based on SolidWorks. Our own long-term experience in engineering development of storage equipment for oil and gas, oil refining and chemical industries, as well as cooperation with leading design organizations and institutes, provides consideration of individual customer requirements in tank design and continuous in-process engineering supervision.

Cooperation with RM Rail factory Ruzchimmash, Russian leading railcar manufacturer, where VST production is located, gives the possibility to use additional facilities and highly qualified staff of the business unit, to ensure multi-level quality control in tank manufacturing.

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