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25 tf axle load hopper car for transportation of mineral fertilizers (model 19-1244)

25 tf axle load hopper car for transportation of mineral fertilizers (model 19-1244)

The first in Russia

Alluminium alloy body.

1565ch alloy is related to weldable AI-Mg alloys (ratio: Al 90%, Mg 6%) and is a multi-functional material, ensuring optimal combination of strenght, ductility and special properties depending on the field of its application.

It was developed as a special high-tecknological alloy for lightly armored combat vehicles.

Low weight of alluminium alloy assemblies and parts - reduction of rail car body weight by 45% - increase of load capacity by 10-12%.

Corrosion resistance OAO "VNIIZHT" and ZAO "ALcoa SMZ" have performed joint taests of main material and welds for general corrosion resistance, which demonstrated multiple increase of rasistance (up to 30 times!) compared to grade 10ХНДП weathering steel.

Absence pf pockets and sharp angles prevents cargo caking and hanging up.

Wide range of carried cargoes, including mineral fertilizers, caustic ash, grain.

Optimal balance between load capacity and cubic capacity.

Joining of aluminium parts - Manual argon-arc welding with nonconsumable electrode using welding filler rod RINp per GOST 14806-80. - Semi-automatic welding in inert gas medium with consumable electrode PIP per GOST 14806-80.

Joining of lining sheets - Innovative friction stir welding to manufacture side and end walls.

Service centers arrangement based on depots with provision of technical documentation and component parts as well as personnel training is envisaged to ensure rail car servicing on route.

Load capacity, t


Tare weight, t, max/min


Body capacity, m3: full


Static axle load, tf


Loading gauge, GOST 9238-83


Maximum designed static axle load, kN (tf)


Lenght over couplers, mm


Width max, mm


Lenght between truck centers, mm


Service life, years

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