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Block-frame accommodation modules

Block-frame accommodation modules

Conventionally, such structures are used for fast erection of military and mineral exploration townships, summer stations and drilling camps, as well as for accommodation of mobile offices and concession stands in a limited area.

Block-frame accommodation module has insulated upper and lower frames. The walls are made of interchangeable sandwich panels using polyurethane foam or basalt mineral slabs, they are able to withstand temperatures from -60°C to +60°C.

Modules can be produced in the form of booths with display glazing, roller blinds, with the possibility of multi-storey articulation. Accessories include entrance or interior doors, PVC or aluminum casing insulated glass units, utility and ventilation outlets. Bolted connections of the main elements provide repeated assembly/disassembly of the modular building structures and their transportation to a new location. Modules can be installed in blocks.

The modules are fabricated in automatic mode, ensuring dimensional accuracy and high productivity. The plant capacity is rated for production of customized product in any order quantity.

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